Decorative Painting by Experienced Artisan applicators

There is more to paint than just choosing its colour. With paint comes texture, depth, and reflection of light, all of which helps to create and transform space in many ways. Our artisan decorating company supplies and applies decorative paint for your interior project. Coming in a variety of different colours, these products provide a sophisticated finish that’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Marcopolo Luxury

Produced by San Marco, Marcopolo is a luxurious metallic paint with fine texture. Similar to some plasters, it creates a sense of depth when applied properly, using a variety of different tools and methods.

Codoro Velvet

Codoro Velvet is an elegant and sophisticated finish by San Marco. In shading and touch, it produces a velvet-like effect and looks very accommodating in both modern and classical surroundings.

Klondike Ferro

Klondike affects a rust-like finish, with the striking appearance of oxidised iron. Produced by Valpaint, this water-based product gives off a great visual effect when applied to indoor surfaces.


Sabulador has a luminescent quality to it and a sandy finish that is reflective, which creates a unique but subtle setting when used on a surface. It comes with a choice of 2 different finishes; a bright sheen effect (LUX) or a matte effect (Matte).

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